Coaching is the most effective way to develop a growth mindset, achieve your goals and improve performance. The best way to understand what coaching is, is to know what it isn’t. Coaching is not therapy or a substitute for therapy. A therapist diagnoses what is wrong with the client and tries to bring their function back to “normal.” Coaching is also not consulting or mentoring. A consultant is considered an expert in their field and provides recommended solutions to the client. A mentor is also an expert, who uses their own experience to guide the client.

In coaching, the client is considered the expert in their own life. Since every client is unique, with their own history, experiences, and personal strengths and weaknesses there is no “one-size-fits-all” pathway to their desired outcome. The assumption in coaching is that the client is naturally creative, resourceful, and whole, and infinitely capable. Coaching is a collaborative conversation between the coach and client that allows the client to explore their vision for the future and their current obstacles. Then, with support from the coach, the client comes up with solutions that will work the best for them to maximize their potential.