OK, I admit it, I am obsessed with burnout. Ever since I experienced my own career-ending burnout I have been very interested (some would say obsessed) with the causes of burnout, the manifestations and consequences of burnout, and the best ways to recover from burnout. This obsession with burnout has informed my writing, my teaching and my practice of coaching. While most of my experience and writing has been about physician burnout, I recognize that burnout occurs in lawyers, teachers, business professionals and any profession that involves working with people all day. So, while a majority of these articles will focus on burnout in the healthcare arena I will also be researching and writing about the other fields as well.

Every day I comb the scientific literature, popular blogs and news media for information and ideas about burnout prevention. I even have a Google alert set for the word “burnout” which yields a daily summary of new and trending articles about burnout. Ever since I published my book BurnoutRx for Healthcare Professionals, I realized that I could be a writer and not just a reader and thinker. Now when I read articles about burnout and burnout prevention, I am aware of how my knowledge and experience affects my reaction to these articles and how my unique experience affects my point of view.

So I have decided to start posting this information and my point of view on a regular basis. My goal is first and foremost to raise awareness about burnout and burnout prevention. I would also like to share my point of view and my thoughts about these articles in order to stimulate other readers to think deeply about this information. I call my posts “BurnoutRx-Your Daily Dose.” The full-length posts will reside on my blog at https://burnoutrx.com/. I will post summaries and/or videos on LinkedIn, Doximity, and my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BurnoutRx. I can’t promise that I will actually deliver a dose every day or even every weekday, but I hope that the information is valuable enough that you will consider subscribing to it.

To your health and well-being,

Gideon Strich MD